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Up to Volume Three!

Can’t believe it’s Dec already! Anyways, that’s right, this IS a plug for SUMMER SHAKE 3, our next gig at Coyotes. Straight off the back of the tsunami aid gigs we did, we thought we’d carry on tradition on do a third S.Shake event. It’s another weeknight gig next Thursday 10th Dec, and although it’s a school night, it always feels like a Saturday! YIYAH! Anyways, this time round we got live sets from us (with new material), R&B singer GREER, our man from P-Town TJ TAOTUA, and up n coming soul/R&B singer JASMINE MICHELLE. Also got Welly DJ’s HUNTAH, SAMALA and JAY-OH.

Check the poster for details yo, and if you in Welly come down!


Mad Love for Samoa

Mannn…it’s been so long, and so much has happened since our last post on here! I’ve been updatin our Twitter but kinda forgot about our blog with so much goin on. You all know about the Tsunami tragedy in our homeland…its sad, but awesome to see so many NZers join together and help out. Our hearts go out to all those affected and their families. In doin our bit, we’ve been involved in fundraiser shows where proceeds go straight to Samoa. We played a gig last Friday in Petone with Brown Hill, and also last Monday at the Porirua Arena… both shows were mean! We got 2 more shows scheduled…

Tonight we’re playin at Coyote Bar in Welli with some other local talent, and on Labour Monday we’re at the Michael Fowler Centre as part of the ‘I Love The Islands’ tour. Check out the details and grab your tickets from the Ticketek website! Come down to support the cause, and show your love for the Islands!

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Smashing Dem Tweets

Yep yep, we’re a lil bit late on this, but the Smashproof gig in Welli was MASSIVE (as was their whole tour I heard)!!! Got on the stage a bit late but it was all good. Check out some of the pics (shout out to Snapstar for snappin’ the party… more pix on their site).




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Go the Hurricanes!!!



It’s been a minute since our last post… damn this Twitter buzz got the better of me (Note: Add us here).
We kinda started doing the ‘tweets’ and forgot about the ‘posts’. Anyways, we back on track like the alpine express YES! Our Summer Shake 2 gig was hella mean, not only was there a good turnout, but we collected about 150 cans of food that went straight to the food bank! We expected a lot less peeps to be carryin’ around cans of food on a Friday night, so a massive thanks to those that came and showed love for us and for charity.

Also a couple of weekends ago, we did a show across the tasman, but we’ll talk more bout that in the next post.

Now if ya didn’t know, dem cats Smashproof have been takin’ NZ by storm smashin’ the record for longest consecutive No. 1 EVER! Their track ‘Brother’ is killin the airwaves, and tonight they gonna be live in Welli @ Coyotes. We on the bill to support the bruddas again, so should be a mean as night!
Check our gig guide for more details!

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Exclusives & Secret Shows

After much deliberation between the team, we decided to upload one of the tracks that we’ve been working on in the studio… just to see what you guys think! It’s still in it’s raw demo format (unmastered), but what the heck it’s all good… ’bout time we gave a taste to all those asking bout our album. Let us know whatcha think by posting a comment k!

Beatrootz – What I See
Demo Track Only

On a more secretive note, Dawnraid and MySpace have asked us to play their next ‘secret show’ which is on this Thursday. It’s headlined by Savage and features support by Devolo and Beatrootz. Maaaate, this show is so ‘undercover’ that at the time of writing this blog, we don’t even know where the venue is or what time it starts…lol. Check our myspace page (on the right) for details coz I’m sure they’ll update us soon (hopefully!). PS. We do know that it’s in Welli (Lower Hutt) and it’s FREE! All ages!

See ya’ll this Friday @ Coyotes… don’t forget ya can of food for charity!

Stuff from

Below is an article from website… MEAN MEAN!!!



Wellington hip-hop group Beatrootz don’t have the answer to the current recession, but that won’t stop them contributing what they can to the cause. The 3 piece unit have been together since 2005 and have had charting hits within the NZ music landscape. Alongside gigs with other high profile artists, they regularly entertain in community events such as local festivals.

Whilst organising details for their next gig, MC Lovak (Avina Kelekolio) turned his attention to the news which was broadcasting the severity of the recession not only on families, but also on the food banks. This prompted an idea for the group to give something back to those people in need. “We’ve always used music as a way of portraying a message while entertaining. Now we have a chance to use our music to put food on the table” says vocalist Dee (Damien Ekenasio).

Their next show on Friday 3rd April is giving them the opportunity to substitute their normal door charge, with a can of food entry. “All food proceeds from our gig will go towards the local food bank. It’s not much, but every little bit counts” states MC C-Coll (Chris Collins). Beatrootz management were contemplating a few issues with collecting food items at the venue (Coyote Bar), but the bar have come on board and supported the initiative by the young men. “We hope to lead an example for other profiled artists to give what they can”.

Check out details for the gig here

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A Block Party from Cuba to Riddiford


A couple of weeks ago, Wellington put on a maaaassive street party (150,000+ ppl) known as the Cuba Street Carnival. It was mean as… our first gig for the year, and a good way to kick start 2009. Thanks to everyone that came out to show love. I forgot to take a camera, but managed to find a couple of pix from the friendly guys at

This Sunday the carnival/festival buzz continues onto Newtown with their 2009 festival… I think it’s somewhere down Riddiford St in Newtown, Welli so if ya live round those ways, come on down at 2pm. Also next week in the capital is the Coyote Block Party wit Scribe, Beatrootz, DJ Infared and DJ Huntah… that should be mean! (Note: Put in leave for work on Friday…lol) Anyways, check our gig guide for details on dat k!

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