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Archive for October, 2008

Gone Till November

G’Day Mate
Coll here from the sunny Gold Coast. I’ve been here a week and I’m loving the weather…Sure beats Windy Welli… Anyway I’ve been chilling out with the Bro and his family and catching up with other family and friends from NZ… Go figure aye, cross the ditch to catch up with family who live just down the road lol.
I guess it’s cool to lax out for a bit before I head back to my 9 – 5 and a crazy month of gigs.
Speaking of gigs, really looking forward to Shake on November 1st. Its gonna be crazy, because I fly into Welli at 10pm and the gigs on at 11pm… Hopefully my flight doesn’t get delayed.

Stay tuned…


Bone Thugs n Harmony @ TRIPLE THREAT

Just before we got our set going who happens to walk into Coyotes?!?!?…. none other than BONE THUGS N HARMONY, WC (Westside Connection) & DAZ DILLINGER (Tha Dogg Pound)!!!!!

I mean they weren’t even invited to the gig nor did we know they were even in the country yet, but I guess they heard there was a packed out party called TRIPLE THREAT going on @ Coyotes and wanted to check it out. We got to chill out and even got the cameras flashin’ with ‘Layzie Bone’ which we’ll be putting up soon! So what you know about that!!!!

Huge shout out to all the brothers from the Horsemen Family who came down to be part of TRIPLE THREAT – Mareko, Devolo, Lil’ Mark, DJ Shady1 and Gun Jack!!! Shot to DJ Huntah and the Coyote Staff for their hospitality… And finally to all the people that came out last Sunday…. MAD LOVE for showin’ love!!!!


A Milli – Beatrootz Style

Just me and Coll jamming on this ever so popular beat! Check it!


A Milli Freestyle

Beatrootz vs The Horsemen Streetball Comp!!! Sun 26th Oct 08

Ok, Ok…. we aint playing no Street ball but we will be playing a few games at the bar this Sunday 26th of October @ Coyote Bar. Mareko and Devolo will be coming to Welly this weekend to open for Snoop, Bone Thugs and Cube. So come down to TRIPLE THREAT!
Checkout the poster below!!!!

T-Shirts in High Demand!!!

Orders are coming thick and fast…..

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Working 9 -5 to live a 5 – 9…

C-Coll here, its been a cruisy last 2 weeks for the boys. And I guess at times like this when you get a bit more free time than normal, you tend to reflect back on the crazy all nighters, where we would gig on a Thursday night and be out to the early hours of morning. A couple of hours later all 3 of us, will be back at work doing our 9 – 5. The last couple of months has seen us do several back to back all nighters, and despite how much we regret it the next day at work, as a group we’ve almost trained our bodies to the point where we actually get our kicks out of working the next day. We even have competitions to see who can get to work the earliest and email the other 2.
With every gig I like to think we push the boundaries both during our gigs and after them. We like to plan our sets precisely to fit the audience, even down to things such as costumes or remix breaks. “how many dudes do you know can rock suits at a Hip Hop gig in NZ… not many….if any lol”.

…So at the moment the boys and I have been down in the dungeon conjuring up new tracks and gig sets, which we can’t wait to perform/release. No doubt it will push the envelope in the local R&B Hip Hop scene and convert more believers to this noise that inspires the body to move. Watch This Space!!!