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Archive for November, 2008

Beatrootz On The Block

Block Party - Taupo

Being back in Welly after a long weekend away is definitely something special. But when you get the opportunity to perform @ places you’ve never been before, sometimes long weekends away can glide by so fast that when you flick the switch and get back to your 9-5 on Monday, you can’t help but think, “Did we really do all that in the weekend?!?!?

The Block Party kicked off in Taupo on Friday the 21st of November and it was off the hook!!! Finn MacCuhal’s was packed out and there was next to no moving space on the dance floor. DJ Huntah got things started, Beatrootz then took the stage while DJ D-Rail got his decks ready to finish the night off… Was a mean night and everyone who came along rocked the floor right up to the very last song. If you were there that night….. you know what I mean right!!!

Block Party - BR

Then we headed to Gizzy on Saturday and The Block Party started all over again… Round 2 – (ding ding). This was our first time in Gizzy and after driving up from Taupo we were all pretty exhausted, but we shook that off after a few “waters” 😉 and got back into the swing of it all. Soho Bar was off the hook!!!!! Matt (Soho Bar) had everything organised and the set-up was phat!!!! Soho was real nice, it looked like a bar that could easily slot in between ‘The Dockside’ and ‘Loaded Hog’ right on Queens Wharf in Welly…. a classy spot!!! After the Kiwi’s won the Rugby League World Cup, DJ D-Rail kicked it off and got everyone into celebration mode… The party was mean, and to finish the night DJ Huntah pulled out a Drum & Bass set (with Lovak, C-Coll and D-Rail MC’n) that went down real well with the locals…

A huge shout out to Lorraine and her team from Finn MacCuhal’s (Taupo) also to Matt, Tony and their staff from Soho Bar (Gisborne) – The hospitality was second to none. Thanks to the Turanga Rising Suns Basketball Club. Thanks to ‘top’ DJ’s Huntah and D-Rail and finally to all of those people who came along…. mad love for showing love!!



The First Time!

One of the mean things (perks if you like) about performing live music is that we get to go to places that we never been and probably would never go to! We also get to meet a lotta cool cats along the journey.

Although we’ve been ‘through’ Taupo many-a-times, next week will mark the first time that we’re gonna perform there. It’ll also be the first time that we perform in Gisborne. It’s always nerve racking playing a new town or city for the first time, but we’ve learnt that whether there is 1 or 1000 people, we gotta go hard!!!

Big ups to DJ Huntah and DJ D-Rail for joining the BLOCK PARTY 2008 line-up! If you’re from the Taupo/Gizzy area, click here to check the details…we’ll see ya there!

Even more pix…

…these just came in from our good friend Mischa (the photo guy). Hit up our gallery or Bebo to see the whole set of pix from Triple Threat 2008!

Beatrootz & BT&H

Man this night was buzzy as! Relaxed atmosphere all round, and to have those cats turn up and give props on our set was meeeeeeeean!!!

New Pix in the Gallery


It’s been a while since we’ve updated our gallery… man it’s hard work finding photos, resizing, uploading, captioning etc etc etc. I dunno how all them bebo addicts do it on a daily basis! ha. Anyways, check out some pics from our adventures over the past 2 weeks. Click here.

PS. Yes I’ve Voted! Yes We Can!

Guy Fawkes, Obama, Encore @ Cruz bar

WOW what a week! Firstly some mean explosives over the Welli harbour, Barack Obama makin’ history and sending a positive vibe throughout the world, and just behind that is the final gig at Cruz Bar in Porirua.

Tomorrow night, we’re gonna make sure that we send off that ‘part’ of the infamous bar with a banger! Be sure to come down if ya from P-Town/Welli! Click here for more info.