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Archive for December, 2008

NYE 2008

Well Well Well…

Its that time again, when you reflect on the year that was.

Well I have to say this year has been one busy as year with a lot a memorable moments.

Having Bone Thugs rock up to our gig was pretty mean, getting to jam with the likes of Scribe, Mareko and Devolo plus all the classic stories from our road trips… And the list goes on.

So for all of you who we have crossed paths this year. Thanks heaps for making this year one for the highlight reel.


“2009 the year to shine”


Put My Heart Into It

With the music business being as tough as it is, it’s hard to stay focused. It’s almost a side business in itself… I say ‘side’ because when ya work a full time job, sometimes it’s hard to come home and jump straight into the music/business. Below is a track that by Brotha D (Dawnraid) from his album ‘Element of Surprise’. It features Beatrootz vocalist Damien on the hook, and it explains why we still do what we do! leave us a comment if ya feelin the track.


Brotha D ft. Damien – Heart & Soul

Lack of Promotion

Although a kinda sour title to a post, it explains the turnout that Montell Jordan had on Saturday night in Wellington. The place was huge, the turnout was small, but the 6’8″ giant still gave a pretty slick performance. Describing it as an ‘intimate’ crowd, he played a good set ending in the crowd favourite ‘This is how we do it’. Lil Moe, TJ Taotua and Justuce warmed the crowd with some local R&B.

Montell Jordan

Lovak & Montell

I guess if more people knew about it then the turnout would’ve been better. Yes folks, the more support we give these kinda events, the more we’ll have in the future. We’ll try and keep ya’ll in the loop if we hear bout any upcoming events.

Anyways, check the photos up top!


What a week! Kanye West & Nas last night, Rumpshaker on Friday, Urban Pasefika on Saturday and Miss Alicia Keys on Sunday.

Kanye West NZ

I must say I was blown away by the Glow In The Dark show last night. To have 2 of my idols on the same stage on the same night was an awesome experience. Nas delivered as expected showing an amazing display of ‘stage fitness’… anyone that performs hip-hop on stage would know how hard it is to deliver 4 or 5 songs, let alone the 25+ that he did back to back.
Kanye also delivered with a mean stage set, the flashy lights, live band, and the remixes of all his classics and new stuff. Some of his tracks were a lil ‘overcooked’ in terms of length, but ya can’t knock the guy, he put on a great show that was worth the money!

This weekend, we got Rumpshaker’s 1st birthday at Coyote bar on Friday. It’s an old skool night that’s been built from the ground up, and we’re happy to be performing and celebrating the birthday wit our boys Huntah and Infared. One of our other boys TJ Taotua is hosting a show on Sat in P-Town. This guy is mean R&B talent! He’s done a lotta shows with us, and this time we’re happy we can repay the favour. Click here for more details about this show and if you in Wgtn, come down and support the local scene.

Finally, Alicia Keys on Sunday! YIYAH!