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Archive for January, 2009

Changing the Tuner!


A new year gives everyone a chance to reset and refocus. In the past month, we’ve kinda put our gig schedule on the backburner and put an emphasis on writing more music. Tryin to do music, the business side, gigs, 9-5, and other commitments all at the same time sure takes it toll on ya. The refocus on the music and recording has been awesome… good to get back into writing, making beats, producing records etc. Whilst we’ll still do gigs here and there, we’ve decided to ‘go hard’ until we’ve done enough for a bad ass album!!! We also gonna be posting up raw tracks on our blog so we can get your feedback before we actually release our tracks (in a ‘Hot or Not’, ‘Pump or Dump’-kinda poll).


Support from NZ Musician mag

Over the past 3 or so years of our music career, we done loads of interviews on radio/tv/newspaper/magazines! The stink thing is, a lotta them we never kept or recorded so they’ve fallen by the wayside and long been forgotten. Before we started this blog, we did a short interview for NZ Musician magazine (mid-2008). What’s cool about these guys, is that they got an online version of the article which ya’ll can read right here.

Fresh Talent: Beatrootz

We’ll try and get all the other articles up on here in the future! 🙂
PS. Also check the latest issue of NZ Musician… features that kid Savage and his incredible adventures in the US. Maaaate!