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Archive for February, 2009

Another One Hits #1

First there was P-Money with Everything, then the Nesian boys with 101, and now Smashproof have hit the top spot #1 with their hit single Brother. Congrats to the Tyree, Sid, Deach and the MTC fams for hittin’ that milestone! It’s signs of bigger and better things to come not only for them, but for NZ urban music in general. Check out the boys blog on our links page (Move The Crowd).

With that kind of success, it tells us that the public is starting to believe in local music again which I guess will translate into the industry being more accepting… I mean, Homegrown 2009 got no hip-hop acts again, but NZ on Air are starting to come round with their last funding round! Maybe next year huh? All the mean NZ hip-hop albums that fell under the radar in the last 3 years should be re-released and plugged hard! We on the rise!



El Carnivale time!

Tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary for the Wellington Cuba St Carnival. This event is massssssive as, and they pretty much close off the main streets in the city! We’re gonna be performin our first gig of 2009, so cruise down to the Coyote Bar stage at midnight (Saturday 20th Feb), and check out our new material that we’ve been workin on over the past 2 months.

Check out for more details

PS. Our boy Percieve is performin that stage too so be sure to check him out!

Another way to stay updated

We’ve just added a new feature on our blog which will allow all our fans, friends, family, musical colleagues, and basically anyone who has an email address to stay in the loop with the group. You will notice a big envelope logo on our site (right side) which we encourage you to click on and fill out… that way, whatever we post on our site will be emailed directly to your inbox! Wow! Technology these days huh?!? MEAN… and in the words of Starsky & Hutch… “Do it, do it”