This website serves at dual purpose for Beatrootz. Firstly it provides anything and everything you need to know about Beatrootz and our story. Secondly, we’ll be updating it as often as possible with ‘cyberstuff’ that we deem interesting! Check the links and we’ll see you back here shortly.

Exclusives & Secret Shows

After much deliberation between the team, we decided to upload one of the tracks that we’ve been working on in the studio… just to see what you guys think! It’s still in it’s raw demo format (unmastered), but what the heck it’s all good… ’bout time we gave a taste to all those asking bout our album. Let us know whatcha think by posting a comment k!

Beatrootz – What I See
Demo Track Only

On a more secretive note, Dawnraid and MySpace have asked us to play their next ‘secret show’ which is on this Thursday. It’s headlined by Savage and features support by Devolo and Beatrootz. Maaaate, this show is so ‘undercover’ that at the time of writing this blog, we don’t even know where the venue is or what time it starts…lol. Check our myspace page (on the right) for details coz I’m sure they’ll update us soon (hopefully!). PS. We do know that it’s in Welli (Lower Hutt) and it’s FREE! All ages!

See ya’ll this Friday @ Coyotes… don’t forget ya can of food for charity!



  BB Kid wrote @

Sick tune \m/

  Cristo wrote @

awesome track. se malo timberland! that one’s going top of the pops…

  jopoki wrote @

Niice Track

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