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Archive for May, 2009

Smashing Dem Tweets

Yep yep, we’re a lil bit late on this, but the Smashproof gig in Welli was MASSIVE (as was their whole tour I heard)!!! Got on the stage a bit late but it was all good. Check out some of the pics (shout out to Snapstar for snappin’ the party… more pix on their site).




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Go the Hurricanes!!!




It’s been a minute since our last post… damn this Twitter buzz got the better of me (Note: Add us here).
We kinda started doing the ‘tweets’ and forgot about the ‘posts’. Anyways, we back on track like the alpine express YES! Our Summer Shake 2 gig was hella mean, not only was there a good turnout, but we collected about 150 cans of food that went straight to the food bank! We expected a lot less peeps to be carryin’ around cans of food on a Friday night, so a massive thanks to those that came and showed love for us and for charity.

Also a couple of weekends ago, we did a show across the tasman, but we’ll talk more bout that in the next post.

Now if ya didn’t know, dem cats Smashproof have been takin’ NZ by storm smashin’ the record for longest consecutive No. 1 EVER! Their track ‘Brother’ is killin the airwaves, and tonight they gonna be live in Welli @ Coyotes. We on the bill to support the bruddas again, so should be a mean as night!
Check our gig guide for more details!

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