This website serves at dual purpose for Beatrootz. Firstly it provides anything and everything you need to know about Beatrootz and our story. Secondly, we’ll be updating it as often as possible with ‘cyberstuff’ that we deem interesting! Check the links and we’ll see you back here shortly.

Up to Volume Three!

Can’t believe it’s Dec already! Anyways, that’s right, this IS a plug for SUMMER SHAKE 3, our next gig at Coyotes. Straight off the back of the tsunami aid gigs we did, we thought we’d carry on tradition on do a third S.Shake event. It’s another weeknight gig next Thursday 10th Dec, and although it’s a school night, it always feels like a Saturday! YIYAH! Anyways, this time round we got live sets from us (with new material), R&B singer GREER, our man from P-Town TJ TAOTUA, and up n coming soul/R&B singer JASMINE MICHELLE. Also got Welly DJ’s HUNTAH, SAMALA and JAY-OH.

Check the poster for details yo, and if you in Welly come down!


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