This website serves at dual purpose for Beatrootz. Firstly it provides anything and everything you need to know about Beatrootz and our story. Secondly, we’ll be updating it as often as possible with ‘cyberstuff’ that we deem interesting! Check the links and we’ll see you back here shortly.

About the Band

We have been together for over 4 years and have a strong live performance background. Our beats and melodies are created and produced by Tana Tupai and group member Avina Kelekolio, with a sound that is Commercial, radio friendly, and as we like to call it… Hip Hop Eclectic.

We have received two NZ on Air(NZOA) ‘New Recording Artist’ grants, an NZOA ‘Video’ grant, won the ‘2004 Coke Launchpad’ competition with the song ‘No DJz’, and charted in the NZ Top 20. Subsequently, the follow up single ‘You Know’ received NZ On Air video funding, and in turn the video was a finalist in the 2006 Juice TV Music Video Awards for the most prized category ‘Video of the Year’. This nomination was alongside Che Fu, Steriogram and a few other NZ heavyweights. The next track to hit the airwaves was “Otherside” released in 2008, with our own DIY music video. We have recently signed a joint venture with Dawnraid by where they will be helping us with the release of our debut album. The album has a mixture of elements ranging from club hits, easy Listening and soulful R&B.

Realising how much work is needed to be successful in the NZ music industry we have been hustling for everything and anything that would help Beatrootz. Working a 9-5 to live a 5-9. Its a long hard road, but our past successes show that we are getting one step closer to the dream.

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