This website serves at dual purpose for Beatrootz. Firstly it provides anything and everything you need to know about Beatrootz and our story. Secondly, we’ll be updating it as often as possible with ‘cyberstuff’ that we deem interesting! Check the links and we’ll see you back here shortly.

Another One Hits #1

First there was P-Money with Everything, then the Nesian boys with 101, and now Smashproof have hit the top spot #1 with their hit single Brother. Congrats to the Tyree, Sid, Deach and the MTC fams for hittin’ that milestone! It’s signs of bigger and better things to come not only for them, but for NZ urban music in general. Check out the boys blog on our links page (Move The Crowd).

With that kind of success, it tells us that the public is starting to believe in local music again which I guess will translate into the industry being more accepting… I mean, Homegrown 2009 got no hip-hop acts again, but NZ on Air are starting to come round with their last funding round! Maybe next year huh? All the mean NZ hip-hop albums that fell under the radar in the last 3 years should be re-released and plugged hard! We on the rise!



El Carnivale time!

Tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary for the Wellington Cuba St Carnival. This event is massssssive as, and they pretty much close off the main streets in the city! We’re gonna be performin our first gig of 2009, so cruise down to the Coyote Bar stage at midnight (Saturday 20th Feb), and check out our new material that we’ve been workin on over the past 2 months.

Check out for more details

PS. Our boy Percieve is performin that stage too so be sure to check him out!

Another way to stay updated

We’ve just added a new feature on our blog which will allow all our fans, friends, family, musical colleagues, and basically anyone who has an email address to stay in the loop with the group. You will notice a big envelope logo on our site (right side) which we encourage you to click on and fill out… that way, whatever we post on our site will be emailed directly to your inbox! Wow! Technology these days huh?!? MEAN… and in the words of Starsky & Hutch… “Do it, do it”

Changing the Tuner!


A new year gives everyone a chance to reset and refocus. In the past month, we’ve kinda put our gig schedule on the backburner and put an emphasis on writing more music. Tryin to do music, the business side, gigs, 9-5, and other commitments all at the same time sure takes it toll on ya. The refocus on the music and recording has been awesome… good to get back into writing, making beats, producing records etc. Whilst we’ll still do gigs here and there, we’ve decided to ‘go hard’ until we’ve done enough for a bad ass album!!! We also gonna be posting up raw tracks on our blog so we can get your feedback before we actually release our tracks (in a ‘Hot or Not’, ‘Pump or Dump’-kinda poll).

Support from NZ Musician mag

Over the past 3 or so years of our music career, we done loads of interviews on radio/tv/newspaper/magazines! The stink thing is, a lotta them we never kept or recorded so they’ve fallen by the wayside and long been forgotten. Before we started this blog, we did a short interview for NZ Musician magazine (mid-2008). What’s cool about these guys, is that they got an online version of the article which ya’ll can read right here.

Fresh Talent: Beatrootz

We’ll try and get all the other articles up on here in the future! 🙂
PS. Also check the latest issue of NZ Musician… features that kid Savage and his incredible adventures in the US. Maaaate!

NYE 2008

Well Well Well…

Its that time again, when you reflect on the year that was.

Well I have to say this year has been one busy as year with a lot a memorable moments.

Having Bone Thugs rock up to our gig was pretty mean, getting to jam with the likes of Scribe, Mareko and Devolo plus all the classic stories from our road trips… And the list goes on.

So for all of you who we have crossed paths this year. Thanks heaps for making this year one for the highlight reel.


“2009 the year to shine”

Put My Heart Into It

With the music business being as tough as it is, it’s hard to stay focused. It’s almost a side business in itself… I say ‘side’ because when ya work a full time job, sometimes it’s hard to come home and jump straight into the music/business. Below is a track that by Brotha D (Dawnraid) from his album ‘Element of Surprise’. It features Beatrootz vocalist Damien on the hook, and it explains why we still do what we do! leave us a comment if ya feelin the track.


Brotha D ft. Damien – Heart & Soul