This website serves at dual purpose for Beatrootz. Firstly it provides anything and everything you need to know about Beatrootz and our story. Secondly, we’ll be updating it as often as possible with ‘cyberstuff’ that we deem interesting! Check the links and we’ll see you back here shortly.

Why a blog?

With the way the music industry is evolving, we’ve realised that we need a website that’s ‘living’ as opposed to a static page. On this site, you’ll be able to find out any information about Beatrootz and what we do.

On our front page, we’ll be throwing in whatever we think is interesting, or whatever is hot in the NZ Music Scene

This site will be constantly updated, and you add comments to any of our blogs. We hope that you can add some feedback about our songs and videos, or you can log on just to say hi.

We also want to support the local industry, so check back to see what the latest word is.

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